Suite diamond Hotel Waldorf 5-star Luxury Milano Marittima

The ultimate Suite Experience on the top floor with private pool on the rooftop and panoramic view on the entire coastline.

Dreamed, thought and realized, after years of study and research for the world, the DIAMOND Suite, is definitely the top for architectural and décor of contemporary Italian design. Its amazing location at the Waldorf penthouse on the top floor of the hotel with a panoramic view of 360 °, from the sea u to the hinterland, it raises at the same time a feeling of well-being and luxury but also of detachment from the rest of the world. This suite is much more than a place of relaxation and pleasure is above all a challenge, a arrival point which offers the ultimate luxury in Milano Marittima for your relaxation and your holidays. For you who love the beauty and luxury as a lifestyle the DIAMOND Suite is the symbol which includes the taste of beautiful things and bon vivre. A private elevator connects the suite to the hotel. In the living area there is a spacious living room, 2 bedrooms with bathroom, with hot tub, large terrace that runs around the first floor of the suite. In the ceiling of the living room you can see the transparent bottomglass of the swimming pool.

Size: 120 m² + 100 m² terraces.

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Hotel Waldorf Milano Marittima
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